Knitware care

You want to keep your beanie as good-looking as yourself, and that’s why you need to take a good care of it.
Our products are made of 100% cotton with a small extra touch: we use a special kind of mercerized yarn that is more glossy than conventional cotton, making the beanies more resistant to weather/time and require less special treatment.

Still, there are few tricks to keep in mind:

Washing the beanie

  • Don’t worry about washing your beanie too often – it helps to keep it fresh and if done correctly, nothing will happen to your beanie
  • Although the label on the yarn says it is totally fine to wash it a washing machine as well, we strongly suggest that you only hand-wash the beanie at maximum 40 degrees.
  • Wash the beanie seperately from other clothes to avoid color stains.
  • Do not soak the beanie in water for over a day in row hours – the colors might become less saturated.
  • Never use bleach or any other chemical. We recommend using plain liquid soap.

Drying the beanie

  • Never tumble dry or iron the beanie – these methods are used for flattening the yarn and you don’t want to do that with your beanie.
  • Just lay your beanie flat to dry, place or stretch it in the exact shape you would like it to remain in.
  • When you come out of water and your beanie is wet, keep in mind you should lay it flat until almost dry. When you have it drying on your head, the beanie might stretch bigger.
  • Whenever possible, quickly rinse the beanie with fresh water to avoid desaturation of the colors caused by salty water drying up in sun.

Adjusting the shape of the beanie

  • In case your beanie is/becomes a bit too small wash it at 30 degrees and gently stretch afterwards, then lay it flat until dry.
  • In case your beanie is/becomes a bit too big wash it at 40-60 degrees, it will shrink a bit. Then lay it flat until dry.
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